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About NavCoder

NavCoder is a Windows application to reprogram BMW navigation computers and other ibus devices. Its written in VB6, and was started in 2006. It has grown much over the last few years, and was last updated in December 2017, over 10 years since the initial release!. It is still actively supported by the author. Here's what the current NavCoder window looks like (this is the new v3 version, with hugely improved user interface):
Screenshot of NavCoder main window
Download NavCoder v3.0.5
(stable release version)

Download the current NavCoder Beta version
(stable beta version)
With NavCoder you can...


Screenshot of Navigation coding dialog

Read and Code Navigation
Read the current coding and setup your navigation the way you want.
Change the boot mode from Mono (as used in E46 mono navs) to colour-screen navs (as used almost everywhere).
You can also set the languages to any combination you want, and recode the nav for another vehicle (useful if you are selling second-hand navigation units). Note: loading an OS and loading new languages requires a BMW OS disk. They can be found on the web...
Screenshot of TV coding dialog

Read and Code TV
The very popular "TV in motion" setting is found here.
You can also set your backup camera to PAL or NTSC - something that the BMW diagnostic software cannot do!
Screenshot of Radio coding dialog

Read and Code Radio
Change area, set RDS options, and more.
Screenshot of Telephone coding dialog

Read and Code ULF and TCU Telephone modules
Did you know that ULF modules from Coding Index 05 have voice recognition built in? Code it with NavCoder!
Screenshot of Message Tester dialog

Easily send any message you onto the ibus with the Message Tester
You can also save 5 commands into 5 function buttons.
You can also enter any ibus command and decode it into plain text - very useful when developing ibus applications.

Download NavCoder

Download NavCoder v3.0.5 now. Released on 22 December 2017
Download NavCoder v2.9.185.Beta now. Released on 9 December 2017

Want to see the NavCoder history? I started NavCoder at the end of 2006, when I was doing a lot of repair work and upgrades on BMW nav systems. Read the Readme.txt file.

Purchasing NavCoder

NavCoder is shareware and only costs 25 Euros. You can download and install NavCoder without paying. When you decide you like it, you can register and pay for NavCoder easily using the built-in PayPal payment features. If you wish, you can pay by PayPal now:
NavCoder Release Version

25 Euros
NavCoder Beta Version

25 Euros
Note: if you pay using the PayPal Buy Now buttons above, you will need to send me the displayed serial number in NavCoder, so that I can generate the registration code for you. If you pay using the Buy Now button inside NavCoder itself, then the serial number is automatically included in your payment to me.

You can also pay by cash or bank transfer; contact the author for more details.
The non-registered version of NavCoder has some restrictions - some coding capabilities are disabled.
NavCoder automatically checks for updates and will tell you when new versions are available. The registration stays valid for all future versions.

Recent changes

Here's the last recent changes:
2018: 2017: 2012: 2010: 2009:

What you need to use NavCoder

To use NavCoder you need a laptop with Windows (anything from Windows 2000 to Windows 7; it may still work on Win95, but I cannot test it on Win95 any more) and an ibus interface.
The ibus interface is the necessayr hardware interface to convert the electrical signal of the BMW ibus into good old RS232 for the laptop.
You can choose to make your own ibus interface, using the circuit diagram supplied in the NavCoder installation directory. It's simple and cheap, costing much less than USD $10 in parts.
Or you can purchase a "Resler interface" from Rolf Resler. Have a look at Rolf's website. Rolf's ibus interface is available as a USB version or a good old serial com port version. Choose what you want based on what ports your laptop has available.
Both of the "Resler interfaces" are 100% compatible with NavCoder.

Applicable Vehicles

NavCoder can be used in the following vehicles...

Supported NavCoder Languages

NavCoder supports more than 20 languages: Each language is available as a plain-text LNG file. At least one LNG file must be present for NavCoder to work. You can choose to have all LNG files on your PC, or just the languages you use.
NavCoder automatically detects the language of the PC, and configures itself to that language on first startup. However, you are free to change the NavCoder language to any other language (LNG file) currently installed on your PC at any time.

Language not shown?

If your language is not listed, and you would like to help translate NavCoder into your language, please contact the author.

Contact the Author

Got any questions? Email the NavCoder author.

This page last updated 25 December 2017